Ammar Al Share

Ammar started his career in aviation as a cadet pilot with Royal Jordanian Airline after graduating from the Royal Jordanian Air Academy in 1990. He started as a Flight Engineer on the B707 and then on the Lockheed L1011. In 1995 he was upgraded as a First Officer on the A310 and later on the A340. In 2003, Ammar got his command upgrade on the A320 where he moved to the Training and Standard Department as a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and later as an Examiner (TRE).  His training experience includes cadet pilot training, command upgrade and assessment, training development programs and human factors training.

After 19 years with Royal Jordanian with more than 13000 flying hours on international routes, Ammar joined a multinational major flag carrier airline in the Middle East as a TRE and later joined the Flight Safety Department as a Pilot Safety Investigator and is involved in safety studies as well. Throughout the multinational pilot training as well as his work in the safety department, Ammar developed his passion towards more understanding of cross cultures.  Ammar is in the thesis writing phase of his MSc degree in Air Safety Management from City University London. The thesis is about the effect of organizational culture on the pilots’ professional culture.