Brigitte Opel

Since childhood, Brigitte had a sound interest in customs and cultures around the world: how other people lived, what they eat, how they reason and what they believe in.

She bought a globe with her first savings. Learning languages increased her curiosity, so foreign languages and travelling became more than just a hobby.

She lived and studied in the US, Japan, Russia, Australia and various countries in Europe and studied cultures first hand.

At the Thunderbird School of International Management, she learned about cultural patterns and their impact on doing business in the global marketplace.

She worked with IBM in Germany and the Netherlands in international project teams for 17 years.

Now Brigitte wants to use her international experience, in combination with the itim expertise to help others to understand the differences in cultures work and how to generate synergies from these differences.

Brigitte is German and lives in Amsterdam with a Dutch-Irish husband and 2 trilingual children.