David OShaughnessy

During his international career in the Financial Services Industry, David has always paid particular attention to being an excellent listener to ensure that he provides solutions that are impartial, realistic, feasible and easy to understand.

He prides himself on his honesty and value creating capabilities. He has significant international experience around crafting solutions for a broad range of clients’ who face significant financial and business challenges. As a former senior executive himself, he excels at providing practical high-level solutions for senior executives that systematically analyze challenges, mitigate against risk, improve decision making and optimize stakeholder relationships both internally and externally and in the retention and engagement of human resources to perform at their optimal level.   

David is a graduate of Henley’s prestigious Executive level Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He holds other qualifications in providing independent financial advice, anti-money laundering reporting, European Compliance, International Business and Strategic Marketing. He is an avid world traveler, outdoors man and strategic advisor to the Malta Rugby Football Union.

Contact David now at david.oshaughnessy@itim.org