Divya Susan Varkey

Divya has a background in Public Relations and Communications and lives in Bangalore, India, while travelling every two months to the UAE and Europe. Besides owning an Intercultural training company, she also works with an international company that provides intercultural experiences and global learning opportunities for students and youth to countries like Japan, China, Mongolia, India, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Israel, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Mexico. She conducts intercultural competency workshops for the participants and is in charge of English language marketing communications. 

Being born and raised in a diverse culture such as India, the need for intercultural understanding and tolerance was clear to Divya very early in life. She questioned her society’s tendency toward divisiveness and categorisations, and pondered on what made people different from one another. Today, she firmly believes in the importance of communicating effectively and strategically in a multicultural environment and the necessity now, more than ever, to communicate sensitively and responsibly across cultural boundaries . 

Divya is also currently pursuing her Masters in Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication at the Universita della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland, where she attempts to understand cultural differences from a sociological, anthropological, linguistic, psychological, political and religious point of view.  She joined the itim network in October 2013. She has also been certified in Organizational Culture by itim International and the Hofstede Centre.