Egbert Schram

Egbert Schram was born in the ancient fortress city of Naarden in the Netherlands. He graduated as Master of Science in Forestry from Wageningen University in 2004, with a specialization in Eco-tourism and Environment Psychology. It was during this time that Egbert developed a keen interest in and skills in working together with a broad variety of people from both the developed and developing world, following classes by both Gert-Jan and Geert Hofstede. He currently lives in Finland with his Finnish wife and two children, Viljo and Enni.

After graduation, Egbert started his professional career in the market research and consultancy industry, as a sales consultant for a Dutch survey software company. His main tasks and achievements included setting up the education (universities/polytechnics) and market research sales channel. Egbert's main focus was on consulting clients on making stakeholder management more efficient.

In 2006 Egbert was recruited by a Finnish software company, FeedbackDialog, to launch its international operations, succeeding in growing the company's customer base from 1 country to 16 countries in the following 6 years. Egbert's main focus was on sales and account management and consulting FeedbackDialog's international clients on how to make their HRD and recruitment processes more efficient. Becoming partner in 2007, Egbert was asked to become CEO of FeedbackDialog in June 2011.

With the acquisition of itim international as its cultural management and consulting branch in December 2011, Egbert took over the role of managing director of itim international in January 2012. Egbert is a founding member of the international chapter of the Finnish HR Federation and combines his love for motorbikes with gardening and football.

With his goal and business oriented mindset he is determined to grow itim further within the coming years to become a major player in culture and management consultancy. Egbert's expertise lies in making the management of HRD and recruitment more efficient, in setting up (international) sales channels, in creating key account management teams, in launching new (international) products and in virtual management across cultures.