Eri Mitsuno

"All human beings are created physically same, and people are sharing common problems of living life, but why people cannot come to understanding beyond language barrier, nationalities, or race?" It was the question that Eri Mitsuno had when she was 12-year-old and after some decades, itim international showed her one answer to it.

With experience living in Brazil and Dubai, Eri Mitsuno had some culture-shock experience not only in those countries abroad but also when she came back to my home country, Japan. Also, at the same time, she always had some difficulties to understand my country's culture and its domestic organizational culture. Not yet she has all of the answers to it but she was fortunate enough to encounter with itim's know-how, and she is definitely fascinated with the world of understanding the difference of cultures, and tackle the problems related to it.

Eri Mitsuno is hoping that she can be the one who introduce this cultural understanding world to many people as possible and help them with finding better solutions for their concerns