George Lupascu-Pruna

George had the opportunity to work in many parts of the world with many international teams and has learned “on the floor” how to engage, enable and energize different teams, often comprising of members from totally different cultures. He has worked in the USA, Romania and Ukraine for different companies like Siemens VDO (now Continental), Procter & Gamble and Lindstrom and has carried out engineering projects that took place all over the world, from New York to Prague, Kiev and Shanghai.

George earned his Bachelor’s degree as Automation Engineer and has Master’s degree in Corporate and Leadership Psychology. Furthermore, he became proficient in the 5E Leadership model, from Envisioning all the way to Execution and by joining itim International he developed thorough understanding on the versatility and power behind Hofstede’s model. All these knowledge and skills have enabled him to bring “hands-on”, long lasting transformations to organizations to help them use their human capital in a more efficient and natural way.

He believes that there are no random teams, and with the proper envisioning and the right management technique any team/department/organization can develop into a strong entity that can deliver any goals it sets for itself, regardless the harshness of the external environment, but only if the cultural elements are used wisely.

George enjoys traveling, mountaineering, sports and is fond of cinema and stand-up comedy.



How the understanding of Cultural Differences allows us to apply the best Leadership, Motivation and Negotiation techniques and how we can align our Practices in the Organization with the Strategy.