Gert Jan van Reenen

Gert Jan, Dutch national,  joined ITIM for the first time in 1995. His passion is to connect people in organisations and make cooperation work. As a trainer, workshop facilitator, or coach for executives, he works for international companies, and in organisations where there is the need for organisational development and culture change.

Gert Jan graduated at Leyden University as a social anthropologist. He worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN (Habitat), and Leyden University. In 1987 Gert Jan joined DHV Consultants, an international consultancy firm, and got involved many projects for organisational development, mixing western and non-western management techniques and knowledge into new, effective approaches.

Gert Jan was the Managing Director of Human Dimension (spin-off ITIM), specializing in cultural and organisational development in organisations.  He got involved in, amongst others, much talked about mergers in the financial world.

Gert Jan’s language skills: apart from Dutch, he has been conducting workshops in English and French. His has working experience in about 40 countries, including Africa, Asia, Europe, USA and Russia.