Jan Vincent Meertens

Jan Vincent is a social entrepreneur, moderator, (personal) coach, and policy advisor intercultural affairs. He focuses on meeting bottom-line targets and achieving social impact. He graduated from the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. He took his Masters at Thunderbird, School of Global Management in the United States.

Jan Vincent has lived in Latin America and the United States and has worked on long-term private-public projects in countries as diverse as Turkey, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Ghana, Cuba, Spain, Estonia and many others. He founded Dutch-based ICET, a Disaster Risk Reduction training, consultancy and project management company, that is now part of the Danish Falck Group.Today, Jan Vincent is a moderator, part-time lecturer and MBA student coach at Nyenrode Business University. Together with itim, he provides personal coaching, training and workshops on intercultural management.

Jan Vincent believes cultural empathy is an essential attribute for the successful global manager of today. Cross-cultural awareness is not just about behavior, but also about understanding and sharing to create a sustainable win-win environment for you and your international partner. Jan Vincent specializes in negotiations with governments, NGO’s and commercial enterprises.