Nicole Saari

Nicole was born and grew up in the Netherlands, other cultures however have attracted her attention already since her youth, when spending her holidays with relatives in Switzerland and good family friends in Germany.

Nicole graduated as Master of Arts in Latin and Ancient Greek Language and Culture in 1994 at the University of Nijmegen. Her specializiation was Greek archeology and Linear B and during her studies she spent longer periods in Germany, Greece and Italy, where she had the splendid opportunity to become familiar with the languages and cultures of these countries. After her studies she finished the academic pedagogic studies at the University of Nijmegen in 1996 and taught Latin and Greek at several schools in the Netherlands.

In January 1997 she moved with her Finnish husband to Helsinki, where she studied intensively Finnish Language at the University of Helsinki and taught German and Dutch at Mäkelänrinne Senior High School and at several companies. Next to her work as a language teacher she graduated as Master of Arts in German Language and Culture at the University of Helsinki in 1999.

In 2001 she moved as an expat-wife with her husband to France, where she again participated in an intensive French Language Course and worked as a direction secretary with international clients at a French accountant's office. Due to severe illness of her son, who was born in France, Nicole’s family had to move back to Finland in 2004.

She stayed at home for a few years to take care of her son and during that period she realized, that she wanted to use her broad language and culture knowledg as widely as possible. She started her own company Mundus in 2007 and her wish came true. By giving language courses and cultural trainings and by offering clients relocation services and personal help during their stay abroad Nicole is able to use her knowledge and skills in a varied way.