Paul Nichols

Paul Nichols was born in 1956 in the home counties of England and was educated at Brunel University where he earned an upper second class honours degree in economics in 1978. He married his wife, Kate in 1979 and they have two children Jack and James, the whole family now live and work in the USA, where Paul is the Head of Global Technology for a UK publicly traded software company.

Paul has spent all of his career in the technology industry, with 35 years of progressive international management, operations, financial, and sales and marketing experience in both public and private IT companies. Paul began his career in 1978 with International Computers Ltd (ICL) as a technical specialist in the telecoms industry before moving into sales positions in the latter half of his 8 years at the company. In 1986 he was headhunted by Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) to help drive their business in the banking sector selling into all the non UK based international banks. In 1990 Paul moved into a sales management role and began a long career of progressive management roles.

In 1994 Paul was approached to join a small management team for a mid-sized northern European software and services company, Data Sciences Ltd, as they embarked on a plan to prepare the company for its IPO on the London market. Towards the end of this process the company was acquired by IBM and Paul became the executive responsible for IBM Global Services business in the financial services sector across EMEA. This gave Paul immediate exposure to the challenges of managing on a cross national basis and sparked his first interest in and involvement with itim International.

In 1999 Paul was headhunted by Logica plc to be their CEO in North America and this resulted in the whole family relocating to the Boston area where, except for a two year return to the UK, the whole family now live and work. During their two years back in the UK, Paul was offered his first position as the CEO of a publicly traded company and he became the CEO of Kewill plc, a software company specializing in global trade and logistics. Paul grew the business from a value of under £10m to an exit price of over £100m when the company was acquired in 2012. During this time he led the acquisition of 9 companies across the US, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. This experience gave Paul the opportunity to further his interest in national culture and its impact on management with many and varied experiences and the chance to work once again with itim.

During these 35 years Paul has built up extensive experience in managing at all levels across multiple functions and countries. In particular Paul is skilled in team building across global multi-cultural organisations, identifying and maximizing high margin business opportunities, building strategic plans, launching new market initiatives and leading M&A on both buy and sell side across multiple continents.

A natural leader and proactive manager, Paul is an articulate communicator to quickly command respect and collaboration of shareholders, boards, executive management, employees, partners, and customers.