Pernilla Rorso

Pernilla Rorso is currently on a leave of absence working on her Ph.D.

Pernilla Rorso, Managing Director of itim International’s Copenhagen Office and Senior Business Consultant

Pernilla Rorso, since joining itim International in 2007, has focused on intercultural issues and management (ICM) from a strategic and operational perspective and she works with MNCs around the world. Pernilla is particularly interested in intercultural management as a driver for efficiency and profitability.

In addition, Pernilla works in the field of organizational culture and strategy (OC) and she has developed the 'itim Leading at Distance course' (global virtual management) and thus, she also specializes in this field. Pernilla is actively involved in advancing the research and knowledge creation in itim International. She is currently about to embark on a large-scale research project on regional cultural differences in China, India and the US.

Prior to joining itim International, Pernilla Rorso has worked for companies such as Kellogg's and Scandinavian Airline Systems. In 2010, Pernilla Rorso worked for the Foreign Ministry of Denmark in connection with COP15, where she attended to the needs of high profile foreign diplomats. Pernilla Rorso has studied at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), DK; The Richard Ivey School of Business (UWO), CA, Stanford University, US and Aarhus University, DK. Pernilla is trilingual - English, Danish and Swedish, and she speaks French and German, albeit to a lesser extent.

Pernilla is a member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), the Danish-Chinese Professionals’ Network DCPT, the Japan Business Forum in Denmark (JBFD), the Delta Intercultural Academy and the International Club Copenhagen (ICC).