Rita Zandbergs

Rita Zandbergs has always had a keen interest in cultural differences. She grew up in a bicultural environment in the United States, speaking both English and Latvian. Her life was divided between her American and Latvian communities. When Latvia regained its independence in 1990, she began traveling there frequently, and has spent time living and working there. Rita’s deep connection to Latvia is what drives her passion to help people develop mutual understanding by looking through the cultural lens.

Rita began her professional career in marketing, communications and events planning. She worked for PwC in Latvia, and later for IREX, an international non-profit organization in Washington, DC, developing and implementing educational events in the Baltic countries. When Rita returned to Boston, she joined Boston Scientific Corporation, a global medical device company, where she spent 12 years in progressively responsible roles in the implementation and management of business systems. Rita loved training people and trained over 200 users in Boston Scientific’s key global sites, including the United States, Ireland, the Netherlands and Costa Rica. Her passion for training and helping others to grow and develop led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Organizational Learning and Development, which she earned from Suffolk University (USA) in 2012. Rita also earned a B.A. degree in Economics from Trinity College (USA) and is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Rita is currently an Independent Professional Services Consultant for a software company and leads implementations for clients in various industries in Europe and the United States. She provides expertise and services in system configuration, deployment and management, training program development, change management, and project management. In her role, Rita has seen how cultural differences impact the system implementation process, training delivery, and team dynamics, and has successfully navigated all of these areas using her knowledge of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

Joining itim International was a natural step for Rita, because she is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to recognize cultural differences and use that awareness and knowledge to maximize their global effectiveness.

Rita has lived in Latvia, the UK and France, and is currently based in Boston, MA, USA. Rita is an English native speaker and is fluent in Latvian.