Thomas Imfeld

Thomas is an entrepreneur, international business developer, personal coach and intercultural consultant. He focuses on delivering value to clients by building resilient human relationships and employing effective communication. Thomas embeds into client environments and is a dedicated team-player. His Master’s degree, earned in Miami, focused on the issues of sustainable development. Thomas was raised between the metro New York area and Switzerland (Lausanne and Zürich). Through studies, work and personal relationships, he has experienced life in New York, Miami, northern California, eastern Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, southern France, German and French-speaking Switzerland and Germany and most countries in Europe. Client engagements have also provided insights with respect to China, Russia and India.  In Germany since 1997, Thomas lives in Trier, on the Mosel River, with his German wife and son. 

Responsible for international sales at a global leader in the field of visual communication, Thomas achieved consistent double-digit, year-on-year growth in highly competitive and culturally diverse European markets. He has also lectured at university-level and contracted to the United States government in the area of economic development. In his early career, he worked in corporate finance for a leading global Swiss bank. Today, Thomas provides business development for selected business partners as well as career coaching. In addition, together with itim, he provides personal coaching, training and workshops on intercultural management.  Thomas enjoys using German, English, French and Spanish. 

Thomas believes that cultural understanding forms a critical foundation upon which to build successful international relationships in business and beyond. Thomas specializes in international business settings working with management, salespersons, project managers and specialists to enable effectiveness across national borders and cultures.