Wanne Wiersinga

Wanne Wiersinga joined itim in 2002. First at itim|Result where she researched the relationship between intercultural competencies and effective working behaviour in specific countries. Subsequently she developed an assessment centre for itim Result that measures intercultural competencies. International assignees can be selected more effectively with the help of this tool.

Wanne has gained culture, personality & management consulting experience for several years. Her consulting activities assist leaders, managers and professional from global companies to actively manage their international activities in the most effective way. Clients report they work together with Wanne because she increases the effectiveness of the behavioural repertoire of the professional she works with.

Wanne has a desire to help people, to make the most of human potential. She has a great interest in cultural differences, between nations as well as organizations. She has always been interested in the differences in thinking, feeling and acting of people. She has lived in Indonesia, The Netherlands (home-country), Mexico and Japan. She has been travelling all her life through Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Her knowledge about people and intercultural processes was developed during her studies organisational psychology at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands; international communication and management processes at the Utrecht School of Governance and Management and international negotiations at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. She received her Master of Science degree at the Utrecht University and finished the Japan Prizewinners Programme, a one-year postgraduate course to get familiar with Japanese business practices. Because of her scientific approach, and professionalism she was offered a license of itim International. She took the license to set up a new division within itim with a special focus on Culture & Personality.