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Consultancy Process

84% of managers agree that culture is crucial to their business success, and 60% of managers say that culture is more important than strategy or an operating model.

We assist you in visualizing your organizational culture and sub-cultures to enable you to use them to your competitive advantage. We map the environment of your organization, link it to your available space for change and assist you with details for a prioritized, focused and coherent change approach that incorporates locally acceptable practices.

Consultancy Process

Intercultural Management (ICM) consulting is an important way to build cultural competence to ensure that a business, organization or individual can be effective and successful worldwide.

65% of managers say that cultural differences are the biggest challenge in operating across borders.

Overcome the challenges and use cultural knowledge as your competitive advantage.

We offer a framework of thinking which allows you to independently recognize, understand and deal with intercultural situations.

The Best Culture to Perform

Our uniqueness is our ability to offer you a way of visualizing the behavior that is most supportive of the strategy goals you have to reach in a locally acceptable way.

Using a combination of measurements, workshops, e-learning, case studies, simulations and group interaction, we offer you the ability to develop concrete business practices which stimulate employee behavior in such a way that it is contextually appropriate: Behavior that helps you to shape the Best Culture to Perform.

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