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itim International Announces partnership with Mediacom

Press release 
February 2016 

Itim international and Mediacom join forces to conduct the largest study ever conducted on cultural connections.


Under the supervision of Misho Minkov, a long-time collaborator of Geert Hofstede, itim International and Mediacom have joined forces to conduct the largest ever cross-cultural study of culture across the globe. 

This exceptional partnership will give unprecedented insight into the effects of cultures, it will highlight both cultural differences and similarities across 52 nations, help us understand each other better, and hopefully build a better world together.

A questionnaire consisting of more than 100 items about all major cultural differences between nations are being fielded to some 60,000 people in 52 countries. Once complete, the data set will represent the most comprehensive cross-cultural project ever devoted to national culture.

The first set of data is expected to be published in May 2016, and will subsequently be incorporated into itim International’s tools.

Using this unprecedented source of information and insight into the minds of people itim International will develop exclusive training packages and tools based on the results of the Culture Connection study.

Mediacom will own the exclusive rights to apply the new data in the field of marketing communications.

You can help us add more countries to the list. More information after the link:


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